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Buying a good greenhouse

Posted on Feb 13, 2016 by in Greenhouse |

grenhouse-plants-870x475Once you make a decision to buy a greenhouse you should be aware of things that are important in one of them. Buying the most expensive greenhouse because it has everything you need and more might be a waste of money. Yes, that greenhouse might have everything, but whether you will utilize everything you paid for is another thing. If you want a good greenhouse, which will not empty your pockets then check out Elite Greenhouses. This company is well known in this business and what is more important is that they are known for their low prices and good products.

greenhouse-long-shotNow, what is the most important aspect of a greenhouse? Well, there are many important aspects of a greenhouse, and we will start with ventilation. Maintaining constant temperature which will enhance the growth of the plants is done by proper ventilation. When you see a greenhouse you consider buying take a look at the top and search for vents near the top of the greenhouse. Small vents will not maintain proper temperature and they will not stop overheating, which is the main enemy of greenhouse plants. If you are willing to pay a bit more, you can buy a greenhouse with electric exhaust fans which will keep that temperature in the check.

Insulation is also important. Good insulation of a greenhouse will keep it warm during cold days and cold during hot days. Ventilation helps, but without proper insulation, the elements you want out of your greenhouse will still have an effect on the plants, which is something you don’t want. Different materials that are used for insulation have different insulation values, and if you want the best insulation possible you should buy a greenhouse that is covered by 5mm twin-wall of polyethylene. But if you are not willing to pay extra for some expensive material then a 10mm double wall made out of polycarbonate will do.Feature-Image-Increased-customer-demand-led-Good-Harvest-Farms-to-add-hydroponic-lettuce-in-2000

When you look at the greenhouses in general, you will notice that there are some greenhouses that have clear cover and those that have translucent coverings. The difference between those coverings is not just aesthetic because different coverings serve different purpose. Clear cover brings direct light to the plants and they are used by people who germinate seeds or grow starters in their greenhouses. Direct light encourages the growth of seeds and starter plants which are later transplanted out of that greenhouse.

Translucent covers make the light diffused and people who lunar-greenhousegrow plants to their maturity use that kind of cover.
Diffused light is less bright than direct light, but it has better effect for growing plants to their mature state. An explanation behind this lies in multiple angles from which diffused light reaches those plants. There are also semi-translucent covers for greenhouses that are used for both kind of gardening.

These several parameters are just some things you will want to look for when you buy a greenhouse. But there are several other factors you will have to check, things like UV protection, Customization ability, durability of the materials and so on.

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